My days in numbers

It’ll almost be 9 months since Alex and I have moved to New Jersey. Kaum zu glauben!

It’s really hard to summarize all that I’ve seen, and all that’s happened. So, I thought I would go clinical and just use numbers. So here some random stats from our days in New Jersey, broken down by category:

Travel and movement

  • No. of days in the US: 269
  • No. of days with hikes and/or long walks: 67
  • No. of states visited: 8 (Arizona, California, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Utah)
  • No. of steps walked: 1,784,737
  • Average steps per day: 6635

Friends and family

  • No. of days spent with either sisters and/or mom:  39 (the most in any year since 2005)
  • No. of aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins seen: 20(the most in any year since I can’t remember)
  • No. of visitors from overseas: 4
  • No. of times I met Naomi: 2 (that last time we saw each other more than once a year was in 1991)

Arts Indonesia

  • No. of new people met through Gamelan Dharma Swara: 27
  • No. of new pieces learned: 6
  • No. of performances I took part in: 6
  • No. of performances I watched: 2
  • No. of cities performed in: 3


  • No. of courses taken: 4
  • No. of times observing a UN panel discussion: 1
  • No. of new babies visited: 1
  • No. of Instagram posts: 75
  • No. of WordPress Postcard posts: 14, including this one
  • No. of new websites created: 1
  • No. of jobs looked at: hundreds
  • No. of job applications sent: 10
  • No. of hours spent volunteering: 3.75

Well, that’s all for now. Soon, a post – with a bit more sentiment – about the German, socialist side of Pinky.

Nighty night!



  1. So funny, was cycling yesterday past the university and was thinking of the Sunday we spent at the Strassenfest and that I hadn’t read you in a while now. I figure I should follow you on Instagram, makes sense. Don’t know why I haven’t looked for you there earlier.

    I enjoyed reading your stats and I keep my fingers crossed for the job applications to be successful. Bis bald 🙂

    1. Thanks Sabine! See it was your thoughts prompting me to post. I have started posts but haven’t finished them, so they stay in the draft folder. Unlike you, I am unfortunately not so disciplined with posting, need to get on that…

      Are you on Instagram?

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