Month: November 2015

Water water everywhere…

Am showered! And the sun was shining! This – after a day of feeling poorly – and spending almost an entire day without running water – makes for a good day. There was a water main break in Hoboken yesterday.  Now I’m not the youngest anymore – but according to my feeble […]

Kimchi family

Well…what is there to say? Last week was not the best week. Beirut…..Paris….. In my humble opinion, that’s not about religion. All organizations, no matter how small or large, are political. And the fights Daesh or ISIL or ISIS are fighting are about power and overcoming powerlessness. The members are motivated by deep insecurity and […]

Pumpkins, penguins and apple pie

So I got lost today. In the Harriman State Park, without a cell phone reception, or a trail map, or anyone knowing where I was. Which is funny-ha-ha now, but wasn’t so funny a few hours ago when I had the panicky thought that one day a deer will stumble over […]