Month: March 2016

My LA story

First…a moment. To take a deep breath, gather strength and remember that despite some fanatics’ best efforts, the world isn’t falling apart and that bombings, nuclear testings and bizarre presidential candidates are anomalies in this world. I pray for all the souls – for those whose lives were tragically lost, […]

My LA story

I recently spent a great two weeks in Los Angeles. When I say great, I really mean it. I was never excited about LA before. I mentioned in a previous post that when I was growing up there I was dependent on others to drive me around, and that made […]

Persona Grata

Die Umsatzsteuer bei grenzüberschreitenden Dienstleistungen. Yeah…a mouthful, ain’t it?  Roughly translated, it means ‘VAT and international (cross border) services’.  I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this as I try to figure out the best way to freelance over here while working with clients in Germany. It’s not quite as easy […]