Month: February 2016

Breaking news!!!

THIS JUST IN: Frau Ibu Ms. Pingkan Marya Lucas is now officially authorized to work in the US of A!!! 😀 I am sooo psyched, had to do a post right away! The timing could not have been better. I have been sooo restless, it’s crazy. I mean, taking care of […]


An odd thing has been happening lately. I started mourning all of the losses I experienced all the times I moved. I look back and realized how much I missed my childhood in Jakarta. How much I missed my cousins, aunts and uncles. Running around freely in the complex, with neighbors […]

Filling the slate

One thing that I have really enjoyed about the experience of moving is that you pretty much start your life here with a blank slate. No one knows who you are yet, and you don’t have too many commitments. It’s quite liberating, having time to think about what you want to […]