Month: October 2015

The color of God’s living room

Time in our suburbian Westwood abode is running out. We have 1.5 weeks before we start a more permanent life in Hoboken. A few activities have given me a sense of purpose here. In contrast to Alex, who had tasks waiting for him from day one, I had the burden, and […]

Gamelan auf Deutsch

A couple of interesting things happened to me last week. I met a girl named Pingkan, whose close friends also call her Pinky, and she is a dancer in my (new) gamelan group. Fortunately, in our group she is known as Miranda, so phew – we don’t have to fight about […]

Day 16

We are on day 16. That’s 16 out of 1095, if we were to stay here for exactly three years. The difference between being a tourist and being a resident somewhere, however temporary, is that you do have to really adjust. And, even though we know that we will eventually leave, […]

For starters…

Or for main course… dessert…. you name it. As to be expected, F O O D is a biiiiig topic for me here. And this aspect of our stay here is almost all good (GMO corn products and hormones aside). Munich has many many good things to offer. And over […]


We’re here. Across the pond, in a rented corporate apartment, abut a park where many animals play. In the morning we hear birdsong, and in the night, crickets. And you can see squirrels running around during the day. Until November 7th, this is our home. Alex and I have been talking about […]