For starters…

Or for main course… dessert…. you name it. As to be expected, F O O D is a biiiiig topic for me here. And this aspect of our stay here is almost all good (GMO corn products and hormones aside).

Munich has many many good things to offer. And over the time that I’ve lived there, I’ve seen the culinary landscape expanding and improving. There are many more Asian restaurants – especially Vietnamese or Thai, there are even authentic Japanese and Chinese places, for which I’m quite thankful.

Despite that, there are some things that I’ve really really missed from the States. Real Korean food, Indonesian restaurants, decent Japanese that doesn’t cost the world, and really just any kind of takeout Asian that doesn’t involve curry or coconut milk. Not to mention American breakfast staples such as bagels and waffles. And delicious bacon. And, last but certainly not least, authentic tacos and salsa. This was the first thing that we ate upon arrival – tacos from Azteca, a little local place in Westwood.

You see one of my main goals for the three years that I am here is to eat as much Asian, Mexican and glutenfree food as I can stomach, literally. And I am quite happy to report that we’ve done quite well.

So below some of our culinary conquests.

Pho with beef balls
Pho soup with beef balls from the Mekong Grill in Ridgewood
Water spinach
Stir fried water spinach with tofu, tempeh and chili from Upi Jaya in Queens
Grilled chicken with spices
Grilled chicken with spices from Upi Jaya in Queens
Chili chicken with brocolli
Chili chicken and brocolli on rice, from the Paramus Parkway mall
Indonesian snacks
Fermented casava, coconut rice cakes, siomay and an Indonesian snack from the Indo Java store on Queens Boulevard
Glutenfree bagels, eggs over easy and chicken sausage
Glutenfree bagels, eggs over easy and chicken sausage. Our first breakfast in the apartment.
Waffles and bacon
Glutenfree blueberry waffles with maple syrup and applewood smoked bacon. Yum
Eggs and salsa in a tortilla
Eggs with mango and chipotle salsa, in a glutenfree wrap

As you can see, our diet is quite varied. Though Alex did say “We’re constantly eating Asian.” And yes, that’s the point. : ) May the rest of our days here be as bountiful.

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