My LA story

I recently spent a great two weeks in Los Angeles. When I say great, I really mean it. I was never excited about LA before. I mentioned in a previous post that when I was growing up there I was dependent on others to drive me around, and that made me feel trapped. So that […]

Tree and the city in background, Olympiaberg

A piece of home

So my cousin Nancy asked me to write some more notes, which is very sweet of her. But then I started asking myself, “What should I write about?” Just like in other people’s lives, there are a million things going on, and yet at the same time, there’s not much going on. My life these […]

Plastic tables and chairs, mangrove trees and Bunaken island


It’s been quiet here, at the Manado Santika hotel. The grounds are quite expansive and quite hilly, and from our rooms on the third floor you can see the ocean in the near distance. The dive center is on location, right on the way to the 370-meter long wooden pier that juts out past the […]